The problem

In order to deliver a consistent experience to their visitors, hotel chains try to keep a tight grip over the standards to which their hotels are built. Both in terms of construction and finishes. Because hotel chains are global operations this can be a costly and time consuming thing to do. The industry was crying out for a great tool to help hotel chains manage and disseminate their standards information.

The solution

Hotel-Standards is the de facto industry standard in standards management

And this is where Hotel-Standards steps in. Information is stored in Hotel-Standards is modular and reusable. This means when a door type is specified, it can be used throughout the standards. Then, updated once it propagates through the system. Add excellent permissions based access, controlled file downloads, strong user statistics and an intuitive user interface and you have the de facto industry standard.

Our involvement

This is our baby. We've been working on this for a decade with hotel chains, architects, developers and other construction professionals. Now at version 6, Hotel-Standards is a mature and well respected tool. It was our idea. We specified the tool. Developed it. Wrote all of the code. Pitched the idea to the hotel chains, including presenting at board level. We manage each implementation, liaising with the clients and keeping the projects on time and on budget.

Our customers