The problem

It is easy to purchase legal documents online. But, you get a text file, and another large file of rules and suggestions. For people who want a quick legal document this can be a difficult process. We thought it would be great to bring the document editing online with help the whole way through. We wanted non-legal users to be able to edit the bits they wanted to not edit the bits that break the legality of the document. The system should do all the boring work too, like update numbering and sort out cross-references and remove definitions if they're no longer relevant.

The solution

Docular is the most advanced legal document drafting tool available online

We built Docular, the most advanced legal document drafting tool available online. You can pick from hundreds of legal documents, pay online and create an instance of your own personalised document. Docular keeps track of your changes, helps you manage documents and ensures that the output as Microsoft Word, PDF, RTF or HTML is perfectly formatted and ready to sign.

We created an entire CMS system to help lawyers build the templates in the back end. The system allows legal provisions and entire sections of documents to be shared. Each legal provision carries meta-data that ensures that conflicting provisions are not included in the same document. A simple but powerful WYSIWYG interface has cut down document creation time by up to 75%.

Our involvement

We've been involded with Docular from the inception, managing the entire process. We've been responsible for designing and coding the entire system. We structured and wireframed the document creation process; designed and normalized the data structures; built the MVC system for delivering the code. We designed the look and feel and worked with the illustrator to get the right tone. We are also responsible for specifying and maintaining the IT infrastructure on which Docular operates.

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