We're a small, highly accomplished multi-disciplinary design agency with offices in Pietermaritzburg and London. Our work informs your customers, looks great and reflects your company's values. Whether it's a website, a brochure or a presentation we ensure your message is delivered the way your customers best understand it.

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Beautiful design

Our design is rooted in usability; form ever follows function. We ensure that whatever we design, whether it’s a website, a logo or a brochure that it reflects your business, speaks to your customers and helps them understand you and your business. And, it’ll look great!

Corporate identity, design for print, GUI and website design, Usability engineering

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Web applications

We build great web experiences. Whether it’s a website for your startup or a fully functional web application we have the skills to deliver your online tool. We write elegant, accurate and useful code; quickly. It is readable, well documented and speedy to execute.

Websites, Content management systems, Online shops, Mobile friendly, Security, Search engine optimisation, Adwords

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Project management

We deliver. It’s what we do. Thanks to our portfolio of blue chip clients we have the skills required to meet deadlines, work within budget, manage projects of all sizes and ensure our customers are well-informed and confident in our abilities.

Heuristic testing, Content creation and management, Cost management, Programme management

A few recent projects


Hotel-Standards is the leading application used by hotel chains to manage and disseminate building and design standards for their brands.

The application uses modern web technologies to deliver a highly intuitive and usable experience for architects, engineers, designers and developers to ensure that hotels are built to the correct standards.

We designed, programmed and project managed this application. We're responsible for the Agile development of the application, negotiating new features with clients and then ensuring they are developed on time, in budget and work the way that best complements the core application.

Hotel-Standards was created in PHP and MySQL using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

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Docular is the most advanced legal document drafting tool available online. You can pick from hundreds of legal documents, pay online and create an instance of your own personalised document. Docular keeps track of your changes, helps you manage documents and ensures that the output as Microsoft Word, PDF, RTF or HTML is perfectly formatted and ready to sign.

We are responsible for the design, structure, coding and management of the entire project. We're responsible both for ensuring that customers get a simple, flawless experience and ensuring the system can deliver perfect documents quickly and remain stable.

Docular was created in PHP and MySQL using HTML5, CSS3, CakePHP, Bootstrap, jQuery and server level technologies.

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The Cyclists' Alliance

When professional cyclists Iris Slappendel, Garcie Elvin and Carmen Small decided to start a union for women professional cyclists they reached out to a range of different experts. We worked closely with the team and were responsible for creating with the name of the union: The Cyclists' Alliance. We developed the corporate identity including a manual on how to best promote the union through its identity.

We created a website to inform people of the union and allow them to join, and developed and social media strategy to help attract people to the new union and the work it is doing.

We created a range of logos for different uses, social media images, and a website with a CMS. We help The Cyclists' Alliance keep their content up-to-date and looking good.

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The Council for Aluminium in Building

CAB has been our client for a very long time. So we are intimately aware of their particular needs as a trade body. They have a diverse range of members who each have their own needs. And their information is often very technical and aimed at a particularly knowledgable audience. Now, in it's latest iteration the CAB website is designed to appeal to a wider audience and to be a modern browsing experience working as well on a mobile phone as a desktop.

We built the site with a familiar CMS to allow the various CAB members to take control of their own information. And we wrote custom plugins to ensure the site delivered some of the very specific functionality CAB required.

The CAB website was created using Bootstrap on top of a bespoke Wordpress theme with additional functionality through jQuery.

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What we're working on

We have been developing a site for The 13 Peaks Challenge, an adventure run around Cape Town.

The 13 Peaks Challenge website

We are developing an identity for a new lifestyle park in KZN as well as doing the marketing, and specifications for construction finishes.

lifespark - A lifestyle park in KZN